Reasons to Consider an Extended Warranty for Your Car

You know that when you buy a new car, it comes with a warranty – pre-owned cars often do, too. This is a wonderful thing, especially if your car breaks down! But many people forget that once that vehicle warranty has expired, if the car breaks down, you're on your own! Repairs can be extremely costly, and without a vehicle warranty, you could find yourself in the position of having to fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you don't have, or at the very least, would prefer to be spending on something else. That's why extended warranty coverage for your vehicle can be a very smart investment. A vehicle extended warranty may cost a few to several hundred dollars, depending on your car and its age. That might seem like a lot, but when you consider the cost of a transmission going out, or a cracked block, the price for an auto extended warranty will seem like peanuts. Now, of course, you may never run into a break down and repair situation that is as serious as all that, and hopefully you won't! But you just don't know – it's a roll of the dice. People buy extended warranty coverage for their vehicles for the same reason they get life insurance or health insurance or home insurance – because no matter how well you take care of yourself or your car or your home, sometimes things go wrong, and it's pretty nice to have a way to cover the expenses that go with those unfortunate mishaps. Here are some reasons why buying an auto extended warranty might be a great idea: You are think that you're going to keep your car and continue to drive it after the original manufacturer warranty has run out. This only makes sense. If you're going to keep your car and keep driving it, eventually, something is going to need to be repaired or you're going to have a break down. A good extended warranty on your car will be the difference between you handing over a bunch of cash, or very little cash to get the problem fixed. You've just purchased a good used car that you plan on driving for a while, or sending your child to college with, or whatever. That used car may have come with some sort of short-term warranty, but it's a safe bet that before too long, that warranty will be expired, and you or a loved one will still be driving that car all over town. Extended warranty coverage is a good choice in this situation, when you want to feel confident that if there’s a problem with the car, you'll be able to get it fixed easily and at as little cost to you as possible. There are plenty more reasons to buy extended warranty coverage for your car, but you get the idea. It's all about confidence. You want the confidence to drive your car and know that if there ever is a problem, as it gets older, your auto extended coverage warranty will be there to handle the expense of repairs easily and painlessly.


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